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The Fun Scale


What is the fun scale?

What? There’s more than just 1 type of fun? Isn’t fun just you know… fun? Well, as it turns out, fun is in fact quantifiable and can be measured based on its level of difficulty and memorability. The fun scale was created to more accurately describe all activities and connect other like-minded individuals.


The 3 Types of Fun

1. Fun to Do, Mildly Fun To Remember.

Type 1 fun is simply fun in the moment. These activities are typically low-risk and easy to do which makes them fun to look forward to but is often part of an everyday kind of fun that is easy to forget.
eg. a rollercoaster, cheap thrills, fast fading memories.

2. Hard To Do, Fun To Remember.

Type 2 fun is challenging and can seem like a gruelling task in the moment. However, in hindsight, type 2 fun makes for a great stories because it reminds us of our ability to grow and overcome obstacles.
eg. Running a Marathon, long lasting contentment.

3. Hard To Do, Not Fun To Remember.

Type 3 fun are the activities that are hard to do and can be painful to remember.
eg. Your tent breaks in a storm and you spend the night in the rain. Good effort, a tough lesson, but a lifelong memory & story.


Our products are designed to help promote Type Two Fun, and to make sure you look and feel great, even in those tough moments.


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