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Finding Your Type Two Fun

The Challenge

The first step in finding your fun, is understanding and accepting that there will be challenges along the way. The learning process and the training may be frustrating at times, but it’s critical to power through it and continue to pursue, as this challenge is what allows you to become mentally stronger.

Finding the challenge may take some time. Look to take on a new activity that you haven’t tried before. There may be many different ones, but focus on something that would be meaningful to you at the current moment. Maybe you want to increase your flexibility, start learning how to box, or maybe even something as simple as increasing your cardio. Even if you are only able to spend 20-30 minutes a day to perform this activity, these small increments are still enough to challenge you as long as you are willing to push your limits in that time.

What is important is that once you choose that task, you are able to identify a final goal or level that you want to achieve. These can be weekly, monthly, or a final goal. This will become your journey.

The Journey

This is the most important part of achieving type two fun. Your journey will be a long one, regardless of your skill level. It will be gruesome, tiring, and at times, make you feel like you’re suffering. It will make you feel like wanting to quit, but you can’t, because this is part of what makes it fun. Along your way to achieving your goal, it is good to note that you are spending almost all of your time on the journey. Not only is it the reason for you to want to push for your ultimate goal, but it helps to give you energy and make you stronger.

Understanding that your journey is the only thing standing between you and the goal, and that you are achieving small victories as you move forward. The progress you get to witness, your growth as an individual is what should be satisfying. You can look back and see the hardships you had to go through to learn that it is those hardships that allowed you to be where you are today. Allowed you to have fun.

There is always room for improvement and growth. Even once you have reached your goal, your journey doesn’t end there. It’s ultimately up to you if you want to continue it or not. Enjoy your journey.

The Memories

Finally, come the memories you made along the way to your goals. It’s not until the end of your journey where you feel that what you have accomplished was fun. You get to look back on all the moments you had. The moments of doubt that you overcame, the moments where you really had to go out of your comfort zone. Looking back allows you to truly appreciate your experience. It allows you appreciate your growth as an individual along the way, and shows you that even challenging experiences can be fun.

Type Two Fun gives you a story to tell, one that you can be proud of. It is the most fulfilling experience of all the types of fun that you can have.


Type two fun not only leaves you memories to look back on. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment, a new perspective on life, and allows you to strengthen yourself and grow as a person as you advance along your journey. It takes time to find your version of type two fun. Don’t rush it! Make sure it is something you want to commit to first and progress from there. Because once you find your type two fun, you might not be able to stop.