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Type Two Fun Tries Soccer

Also known as football

A popular sport primarily in Europe, but constantly gaining more and more popularity in the Americas. Soccer is one of those sports that is very hard for people to play, especially when they don’t start it young. Attempting to use your feet to keep the ball up and move it around the field is a lot harder than you would think.

Feet for hands

Most sports in the world require the use of hands. Soccer is one of the few that doesn’t allow it and punishes you for doing so. But that’s what makes it challenging. We’re so used to being able to catch things or throw things with our hands, now comes the difficult task of trying to kick and move with the ball using our feet. You thought running was challenging, try running while dribbling a ball at your feet. You thought throwing accurately was hard. Try kicking accurately. This is what makes it a fun challenge. Learning how to use your feet as if they were your hands, gaining the new skill of being able to perform a physical activity with them and being able to say that you are as mobile with your feet as you are with your hands.

Use of hands

The only people on the field who can use their hands are the goalies, and even for them it is a very difficult position to play. With quick reflexes necessary and no fear of the ball, they are essential to the team as they stop the ball from going into the net. Imagine someone point blank range kicking the ball at you as hard as they can, and you tell us that trying to stop that wouldn’t be a challenge.

I Can Do It

No matter if you’re a player or a goalie, both require their own set of skills. If you set your mind to training and commit to your regime, you can say that you are not only great at using your hands but using your feet as well. It takes an immense amount of patience to learn to use your feet the way soccer players do. But it’s almost an art. The fluid movements, the balance required, and the rhythm dribbling of the ball allows players of all kinds to be able to show and own their craft.


We use our hands every day. The movements and mobility of them comes almost natural to us. Our feet on the other hand, are only used to walking, running, or jumping. Throw in the ball and trying to move up and down the field trying to kick it into the goal is an unfamiliar challenge for us. With enough training and practice, this challenge can become a fun activity that you can play with others at almost any park. All you need is a ball, some cones, and you’re good to go.