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Why Type Two Fun Loves Fitness

An Escape

Everyone has their own way of coping. Whether they’re stressed, anxious, or just having a bad day, there is always a method of diversion. For Type Two Fun, we find that fitness is our method of escape. There are 3 main benefits that come with exercising when you’re feeling down.


When your body feels pain or stress, your body releases endorphins, also known as your “feel good” neurotransmitters. Endorphins are created in your brain, and when these natural pain relievers are released, can help to put you into a positive mindset.

Exercising is known as one of the easiest ways to help release endorphins, and studies show that the more you exercise, the more endorphins you release. When your body feels the challenge from the exercise, it sends a message to your brain to release these endorphins, which in turn help to block your pain signals.


Movement helps distract us. Being so focused on how your body moves, allows you to clear your mind of all the negative things that may be occurring around you. As you regularly continue to exercise, it allows you to continuously clear your mind as you focus on your movements and direct your energy towards the activity you’re performing.

It’s Fun!

You can give yourself a fun daily challenge or give yourself a goal to work towards. You can also make it competitive by including family and friends to exercise together or take fitness classes! By giving yourself a challenge, it allows you to reach type two level fun. In the moment, as you begin, it may seem like a difficult goal to accomplish, but once you work to that point and achieve your goal, it reveals your ability to grow as an individual and leaves you with a lasting memory.

A Healthy Hobby

While many choose other hobbies to help them get through the day, Type Two Fun chooses fitness. A huge reason to choose to exercise is the health benefits that come with it.

Not only is it known to helping relieve stress, but it also improves your cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems, as well as strengthens your bones and muscles. With these improvements it allows you to live a longer and healthier life without fear of sickness, diseases, or injury. Exercising consistently was also found to help improve your mood, increase brain functions, increase confidence in yourself, as well as improve your sleep.

With all these benefits that come with exercising, it’s hard for us to say no.


There are many other alternatives that people use to cope. Some of these alternatives may be just as healthy as exercising. What matters is you choose something that is FUN for you. Make it challenging for yourself so that it helps to distract you from the things happening around you. Allow yourself to grow as an individual while still allowing you to find a peace of mind.